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Wired love: How people met with technology

Thursday, 14 February 20130 comments

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Two people, who were strangers, meet through a social networking site, or through a chat room and fall in love. We’re talking about love of modern times, where technology plays a matchmaker’s role. There are two sides to everything but here, we’re bringing to you, the success side, of finding love through technology. 

Here’s the story of how three young people met the love of their life, through technology and the internet. 

Samriddhi Rai (Journalist and Former Miss Tourism Queen International Nepal) and Yachnit SJB Rana (Aeronautical Engineer and model) 

Samridhhi and Yachnit’s relationship has been going on strong for a near three years now.

Yachnit’s profile came up as a Facebook friend suggestion or ‘People You May Know’. “I normally don’t check out suggestions because I’m quite busy with other things but that day, I was home, doing nothing and was just on the internet. And I happened to check his profile,” shares Samriddhi. The two had 12 mutual friends on Facebook but didn’t know each other in person. 

How they became friends on Facebook or who added whom is still a mystery to both Yachnit and Samriddhi, who as she puts it, are two “very social-network friendly people”. After a ‘Do I know you?’ chat message from Yachnit, their conversation began. “We had a very fun first Facebook conversation,” recalls Samriddhi, who admits that she was very impressed then. “Sounds cheesy, but yes, he ‘had me at hello’,” she adds. 

Their Facebook chats developed to Skype messages and then voice calls and video chats. “Gradually discovering the many facades of each other, we became really good friends over the internet as he was in the UK studying at that time,” Samriddhi shares. When Yachnit came back to Nepal, three months later, they had their first meeting. “And the rest is history!” says Samridhhi, adding, “I’d have to say that ours was the kind of love that didn’t take time to develop like most others. There were fireworks in the first Facebook chat, fireworks when we first met, and I am really glad that after almost three years of being doing together now, the fireworks are still very much intact.”

Samridhhi says that being the kind of a person that she is, she was very open to meeting her kind of a person through anywhere. “I have to thank Facebook, because it’s through Facebook that I met Yachnit,” she says.

However, although the social network site did help them meet and come together, the couple recently discovered last week, that they were in the same pre-school and in the same class as three- year-olds. “I guess destiny had it all figured out after all,” says a smiling Samriddhi.

Supriya Pradhan Shrestha (RJ) and Avinash Shrestha (UI Engineer)

Supriya, who is a believer of destiny, and the fact that there are odd possibilities of meeting ‘the one’, is living the kind of a love story that she was never skeptic about. She tied the knot with Avinash, on November 29, 2012, after being in relationship with each other for six years. 
Supriya and Avinash met as Venus and Naughty during the SMS Dating scheme that then Mero Mobile had introduced. The demo service was launched for free for a while and as a Mero Mobile user, Supriya took this chance to create a profile of her own. She and a friend of hers were just fooling around, by checking out profiles. She had sent a message to a profile and was waiting for the reply when another person with the profile name as Naughty, sent her a message. This is how they met.

“During the demo service time, I talked to a lot of people. But it never lasted long, except with him. For some reason, we were able to keep in touch through SMS for weeks,” says Supriya, “We exchanged email addresses and just before the demo service was about to be terminated, I had this instinct to send him my phone number. And so I did,” she shares. Supriya and Avinash continued talking to each other on the phone and via MSN messenger. After three months of this, they decided to meet in person. They became good friends and were tracing between being friends and being lovers.
It was only in October, that they officially became lovers. “I made the first move. I collected all my guts and expressed my love for him,” says Supriya. Avinash was perhaps waiting for this moment and he confirmed that he reciprocated her feelings. 
“He perfectly met the category of the ideal man that I was looking for,” Supriya says. They’re love has deepened over the years but even till today, Supriya is still ‘Venus’ on Avinash’s phone and Avinash is still ‘Naughty’ on hers.

Bipin Nakarmi (DJ BPM) and his girlfriend

DJ BPM has no idea how R landed up on his Facebook friend’s list but he’s sure glad that she did.
They used to exchange casual hellos over chat. One night, R sent him an online message, requesting for a recharge card, since it was already late, and she couldn’t get one herself. “She needed to call her then boyfriend and sent me the message. Coincidentally, my cousin had a store where recharge cards were available and so I got a recharge pin number from him and sent it to her,” shares Bipin. This is the incident that led them to chatting more. The two had found a common ground.

“We used to talk about our previous relationships and how we missed the person we used to be in a relationship with,” recalls Bipin. They became friends, and chatting with each other before going to sleep, turned into a habit. And after a couple of meetings, which became like daily routine, they became the best of friends. 

“We hung out with my friends and soon we had the same circle,” Bipin shares. At one such meeting, suddenly, he realized that he actually loved her. It took R, some time to realize the same. But they came on the same page and are now in a relationship which is already two years old.
They are a very romantic couple. And although R comes from a very strict family due to which she has to be very careful about her relationship (and hence her name cannot be revealed here), the two find ways to be together. He also often makes mixed-tapes for her, as a gesture of expressing his love, which we think is still cute.

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