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Editorial:Discipline lacks every front in hills, politics not spared too

Saturday, 23 February 20130 comments

Anand Ghatani

A good friend of mine yesterday said that he met an Australian at the Darjeeling ropeway few days back. People from abroad, visiting Darjeeling as a tourist destination is nothing new. The friend asked the Australian “Did you like Darjeeling? What do you feel about Darjeeling?”

The Australian replied, “Everything is good about Darjeeling. The only thing that irritated me is the ridiculous parking facility in the town”.

The Australian’s remark is genuine. It’s not only Darjeeling but the other two subdivisions in the hills too are facing the problem to park into their vehicles. The point of view not only remarks the genuine problem but also the discipline that the cab drivers and the administration make it a point to follow.

Going beyond, ‘discipline’ is lacking in the political arena of Darjeeling. More specifically, the issue of separate state that has hit the economy hard since a long time needs more discipline. Remember Gorkhaland is not a pet for a single political party but an issue that has sentiments attached to every people.

An erratic comment made by GJM spokesperson Harka Bahadur Chettri that a person who is set to file a PIL does not have any past social records is unacceptable. A suggestion might be handy to the hill leader here. Even a common man can file a PIL in the court. A mass population is necessary for a politician who needs maximum support to become a Member of the state Assembly (MLA) not the common man to file the PIL.

Whether filing a PIL is a positive attitude towards betterment of the society or for that matter for the people of the hills in all known. The series of bandhs called in the hey days of Gorkhaland agitation both in the eighties and in 2007-2011 has fetched only a development body that could never and will never fulfill the aspirations of the hill people.

The argument that Gorkhaland demand was never dropped remains unimportant and that the GTA agreement is an interim arrangement. The way politicians are running to the countries capital for speedy transfer of departments and back home giving the threat for an agitation is a testimony of undisciplined effort from the hill leaders. Raising voice for Gorkhaland with series of bandhs is an old tactic that may not work now in the long run. The undisciplined tag also applies to the opposition who has never had a concrete plan to start agitation strongly.

Last but not the least the issue of separate state is not a way to fulfill anybody’s personal interest.
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