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Editorial:Male chauvinism depriving upcoming female politicians in Sikkim

Wednesday, 20 February 20130 comments

Deepsikha Sharma

Ongoing political mudslinging, police lathicharge on female party workers in male dominated unipolar political arena has become Sikkim’s hall of shame amidst whims of the ruling clique. The February 11 incident may not be unconnected with its handling by male chauvinists confirming their adamancy.  
The state machinery under absolute control of the Sikkim Democratic Front is under tremendous pressure, facing flak both within and outside the state. The national media otherwise interested in covering quake sufferings are busy with special debates on ‘IGP lathicharge on women and the ubiquitous ‘eunuch’ tag on police jawans.
Male political chauvinism coupled with the fourth term Chamling regime has shown how his own party men are revolting against him; rebellion has taken a shape of a new party with a female head.    
The new Morcha’s show of strength at the rebel’s bastion on February 4 coerced Chamling to think that one time buddies are gaining popularity against his alleged ‘dictatorial attitude’. His one time ‘blue eyed boy’ has triggered the tremor inside the front. Soon, followed by the new office inauguration amidst calculated moves by the administrators; attacking Chamling’s convoy and subsequent lathicharge. Politically activated cops were prompt to act as they entered a political party’s office for a crackdown on all including women.
Even the police officials of Sikkim forget that there was presence of women supporters inside the building and allowed the male police to lathicharge them. Even after beating the women supporter the highly politically motivated Sikkim police ignored to spare them and booked them under the non bailable sections of Indian Penal Code. This reveals how the male chauvinist attitude of Sikkim police who wants to uproot women political activists in the butts and discourage them to further distances from the political arena. This type of attitude of ruling class was not seen during the monarchy in Sikkim as well as in the world.  
The IG of the Sikkim Police Akshay Sachdeva shows the attitude of purely male chauvinist while provoking his Jawans to lathicharge saying Are you eunuch”. This shows how the Sikkim police predetermined to dis communicate the women folk to take a political leadership in Sikkim.

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