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Three bisons strayed out from Totopara forest

Monday, 18 February 20130 comments

One person killed and the killer Bison dies

Bua Bhatt

Jalpaiguri Feb 18: An adult bison along with two others strayed out of the Totopara forest, entered Mogolkata Tea Estate in Banarhat while one of them killed a resident before forest officials could dart them away into the forest early Monday morning. Later the officials could drive back two of the bisons successfully into the forest but the killer had to be tranquilized before taking it to the forest. The killer bison however could not resist the sedative and breathe its last in the forest said the forest department.

The three adults had come out from the jungle around 8 a.m. this morning. The tea garden workers spotted the trio at Mogolkata. Soon the foresters arrived at the spot around 9 a.m. An official said that they tried to disperse the mob continuously so that the bisons could move into the jungle but given the crowds ignorance to move away it became tough for them to disperse the mob.

After intense effort, the forest officials were successful in chasing them back to the forest. But the other one started chasing the mob. In the race Suresh Oraon (30) stumbled and fell down while trying to run and the angry animal tossed him with its horn before the officials could rescue him. Oraon was rushed to a local hospital and later to Jalpaiguri District Hospital but succumbed to injuries.

“Every effort to drive the animal back failed due to the huge presence of gatherings in the area. The animal kept on chasing them while people started to pelt stones. In the process many got injured,” said and official.

The officials observing that it was impossible to control the bison tranquilized it but it could not endure the sedative and died in the jungle. “We were left with no alternative to dart the animal. It was in an aggressive mood. We had to tranquilize it before it attacked many more,” said a senior forest officer. 

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