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Article:DEMOCRACY IN DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 31 March 20130 comments


Shanti Sharma, Ranipool.

Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) once said that democracy means “the government of the people, by the people, for the people”. It is by far the most challenging form of government- both for politicians and for the people .The term democracy comes from the Greek language and means “rule by the (simple) people. Ideally it is the system of government where people are supreme and sovereign. They control the government. They are free to elect a government of their own choice. Freedom of choice is the core of democracy. But where can we find such kind of democracy in our State? Here if we raise voices, we get victimized and detained on the case of going against the state. We cannot make the Government accountable for the expenditure it is incurring.

Our Democracy of the state is heading towards an authoritarian regime. Authoritarian is that kind of functioning where state is governed by a small group of leaders. This kind of regime has no distinct state ideology and grant some amount of freedom (e.g. economic and cultural) as long as their rule is not jeopardized. The most important goal of authoritarian regimes is the maintenance of power and the personal enrichment on cost of the country and its population. Is our Government a true democratic one is again a great matter to ponder upon?

As we all know that India is the largest democracy in the World and Sikkim being the 22nd State of Indian Union is expected to walk upon the principles and guidelines enshrined in our Constitution. Our country is a democratic republic  which has infused the spirit of justice, liberty , equality and fraternity. Here every caste, creed, religion, sex have equal rights to live a dignified life as guaranteed by our Constitution.

Further, the most important part of the democracy is its free and fair elections conducted every five years in the normal course. The political parties are the vehicles of ideas. Parties are expected to act as a bridge between social thought and political decision in democracy. However, if we look at the political parties in our state, it has gradually become a game of opportunism and corruption. Most political parties are only interested in coming to power. Every party is adopting different caste politics. Some even try to influence the people through raising the religious sentiments. It does not really impress me how can the parties think upon such lines. The youth of this generation want issued-based, ideology-based, development and equality based political parties. Fooling the innocent public and giving them false promises is going to be a self-destructive approach for the parties. Now the educated and aware citizens should take the lead and enter into the politics for the state-building process. We are even lacking far behind in maintaining transparency and accountability before the general public. Has anyone ever given a thought of asking the parties regarding the funds they are spending in the publicity of the parties for their elections? Where is the money flowing from and whom they are already obliged to if they come to power? What promises have they made to the investors and the funders for the money they are spending abundantly or it is just their blind faith, confidence and trust on the promises of societal reforms?

Though we enjoy every right in theory, but in practice it is just an illusion. Real democracy will come into existence only when the masses are awakened and actively participate in the political and economic development of the country. There is inequality in every sphere – be it social, economic or political and ignorant citizenry is the main cause of such inequality. So, the politicians alone cannot be blamed .People are not ready to fight for their own cause, leave apart any social transformation. And the main problem during election is that illiterate along with short-sighted and greedy masses easily get lured by money during such an event. And top of that also some of our legislators have criminal records. The people who make the laws themselves break them, thus insulting essence of democracy.

Even after more than sixty years of Independence, 1/4th  of the population today goes to bed with an empty stomach, live below the poverty line without access to safe and clean drinking water, sanitation or proper health facilities. Governments have come and gone, politics have been framed and implemented, crores of rupees have been spent, yet many people still struggle for existence.

For a democracy to be fully successful, the electorate should be educated, socially concerned and politically conscious. They should be fully aware of their duties, rights and privileges. The illiterate masses of India should be given education so that they can sensibly vote for the right leaders. The U.S.A, Britain, Germany and Japan are successful democratic countries and gave progressed in every sphere because the masses are literate.

There should be quality in every sphere of life. The politicians should also respect the true spirit of democracy. They should refrain from corruption, caste and communal politics. The citizens should elect leaders with good moral values and integrity. People should be guided to choose their representatives. They should not be influenced by the money and muscle power.

Democracy further demands from the common man a certain level of ability and character, like rational conducts, an intelligent understanding of public affair, independent justice and unselfish devotion to public interest. People should not allow communalism, separatism, casteism, terrorism, etc to raise their heads. They are a threat to democracy. The government, the NGOs and the people together should work collectively for the economic development of the nation. Changes should come through peaceful, democratic and constitutional means. The talented youth of today should be politically educated so that they can become effective leaders of tomorrow. SO, MY FELLOW YOUTH, LET US AWAKE, ARISE AND ACT. It is high time already!

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