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From the Editors Desk:Making the Community proud

Monday, 25 March 20130 comments

Making the Community proud

Way back in the year 2007, a police constable from the Kolkata police had emerged to be a hero amongst the Gorkhas scattered in the country. The Gorkhas showing their love for the community had made Prashant Tamang, the Indian Idol winner proud then. The logistics though proved to be fatal in two ways which then had been a positive outcome for the hills. First a Gorkha had reached at the top most level and it was thought that it would make the Gorkhas proud. In reality the Gorkhas had actually made Tamang proud for his unherioc win of the title with his very little knowledge for music when even singing talents better than him was available with the community.

Second, the Darjeeling hills saw a flurry of political of hiccups splashed by the bondage shared by Gorkhas in the country after Tamang became the Indian idol. Subash Ghisingh was out and Bimal Gurung who was the president of the Prashant fan club in Darjeeling was in as a next leader who would be moving the Gorkhaland issue forward. Though the Gorkhaland issue remains where it was interestingly the hills got the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) replacing the Ghisingh’s pet the Darjeeling Gorkhaland Hill Council (DGHC).  Here again the reality meter shows that the Gorkhaland issue was merely a political gimmick to acquire the throne once acquired by Ghisingh.

Today, a Gorkha girl in the form of Sagarika Chettri who was declared as the miss beautiful skin in the Femina Miss India contest must be congratulated as one must say in reality she has made the Gorkhas proud. Chettri showed her talent in her own ways to the Indians to fetch the title though a miss India Title would have been great in a department which is other than music. Tamang after winning the idol vanished into his own world instead of struggling in Mumbai for his existence to make the Gorkhas proud. Ofcourse what is there in stock in the near future for Chettri is just unknown but her effort to make Gorkhas proud should not stop in the long run.

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