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As Sikkim yearns change, it should be the change in perception

Tuesday, 25 March 20140 comments

As Sikkim yearns change, it should be the change in perception

Having a strong opposition is a component of Democracy

In the midst of an ocean of political alacrity, Sikkim nestled amidst the Himalayas, finds new player in the upcoming polls. The present ruling one is out on the field to defend the title it has hold onto since the last 2 decades. The state otherwise now infamous for tourism and its beauty is clinching hard to decide on whether to choose the new face or retain the same.

Campaigning in the state has begun rigorously blaming each other. Finding nooks and mistakes of the previous government is the mantra that the new party is envisioning to come to power. The previous one is up to defend by tagging the new face as ‘Goondaas’ who are here to disrupt peace.

In a democratic norm having an opposition is a positive sign. It puts a bar on the ruling front on many aspects and it should at all times raise the standard of democracy. The good thing for Sikkim this polls is that they have an option to have opposition in the state assembly which could be any one of the major parties vis-a-vis the SKM and the SDF if all goes fine until the counting. Sikkim by all standards has not had any major opposition in the assembly ever since its inception.

Having a ruling party that owns all the MLA’s in a house only brings in autocracy and that is dangerous. This assembly polls in Sikkim is significant no matter who forms the government. But to have atleast a sizeable opposition in the house should be a priority. The autocratic behaviour can be laid from the fact when media—considered to be the third pillar of any democratic norms—was attacked literally in broad daylights.

Democracy survives when all its components performs in the right way. Tagging someone merely as ‘goondas’ or digging out mistakes will not bring reforms. The state in reality wants change in the approach of the government as well as the opposition in handling democracy in the right way. Development ofcourse fine tunes the democratic approach of any government whether that be Sikkim or the neighbouring Darjeeling or anywhere else in the country.

The Himalayan state may yearn for change. It may want reforms but the change should be to eradicate autocracy. And that would be reached only we have a strong opponent force in the assembly. The change should be to rob off monopoly. The change should be to minimize corruption. Just a political change will not be enough.

What if we see a change where there is the same wine in the new bottle?
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