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Sunday, 3 March 20130 comments

Admin & law enforcers fail; onus also lies with the people

The pyramid of success lies in a collective effort. The Darjeeling hill is moving at a pace of two decades back compared to the neighbouring Sikkim. Development is the key to success. The parking of vehicles on top of Railway tracks near Kurseong motor stand is a testimony that underlines how far the hills have developed.

Over the course of days, it has been observed that vehicles are being parked on the railway tracks in Kurseong thanks to the closure of the National Highway 55 since the past couple of years that has led the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway authorities to stop their services between Siliguri and Kurseong.

The authorities are into a blame game despite a meeting held to discuss strategy to make the traffic system free of hassles. It is an irony it must be said that the law enforcers are hand locked to solve the problem. Once again it is a subtle effort of the law enforcers and the administration that has plagued the town with problems undisputed. The onus of the blame for not having a proper parking slot in the town or for that matter anywhere in the other two subdivisions of Darjeeling and Kalimpong apart from Kurseong does not every time lie with the elected members whether it be the civic board or the GTA board.

The Administration or the law enforcers in Sikkim has set an example as far the parking sting is concerned. The Administration has been strict and the traffic is as easy as it is anywhere in the country.

A proper parking slot in a town is just as important a smooth road for the people. Sometimes an effort from the elected body has gone in vain to solve the problem. The onus also lies with the populace living in a certain area. But above all the strict measures from the Administration has worked for a better traffic system in Sikkim.

In the hills of Darjeeling the law enforcers and the administration has failed to prove its effectiveness as far as solving the traffic system is concerned. That the vehicles are being parked on top of the railway tracks, the main road and anywhere where there is a small space available is a testimony of the failure of the enforcers.

Time to starting restructuring hills.

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