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Sunday, 3 March 20130 comments

Shanti Sharma, Ranipool Bazar

The report of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India again shocked us when it stated that South District of Sikkim recorded the significantly higher suicide rates from 2006-2010 as compared to the National rate i.e. per lakh population. It is 9-10 times more than the national rates.

The report further highlighted that the reason for such high rates of suicidal death in South Sikkim were stated to be due to socio-economic changes and disintegration of joint families into nuclear families. Here we can see how government has failed to take care of the basic necessities of its citizens. Socio-economic conditions reflect the growth of any society. It is due to these conditions that a state is ranked for its governance and administrative efficiency. Further, government should also take some psychological measures to understand the level of depression and mental agony that its citizens are going through. Time is changing, thus government too has to change to meet up the growing expectations and hopes of its people.

CAG also reported that 1172 crime cases  were lodged in South district from 2006-2010 with major crime cases being against bodily and property offence. It further informs that Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) could not be implemented in South district as of November 2011 and none of the six police stations in the district could be connected with networking. Our question is ,has the Home Ministry ever raised the issue and showed concern regarding the abnormal rise of criminal cases in our state? Organising an International Flower is a good initiative to represent our state at global level. But much more important work of the State is to restore peace and security in the state by ensuring proper Law and Order within the territory of Sikkim. There was a gang-rape in the heart of the capital few days ago. Did government discussed about that matter in the Assembly? Did it  ever tried to make some stringent laws against such heinous offence committed in our place? Are we, the women of Sikkim, safe to live in this kind of Governance is yet another thing we should ask ourselves.

Having said so ,CIPA was one of the important components of modernization of police force designed and developed to maintain details pertaining to all activities of police stations relating with CIPA in a phased manner commencing from 2004-05 and to complete it by 2007-08.

Though the State government provided one computer each to the six police stations in South District, none of the police stations as of November 2011 and none of the six police stations in the district could be connected networking. Why is the bureaucracy lacking behind in implementing the measures provided to curb crime rates in the state? Shall we assume that our bureaucracy does not stand to that level of expertise or is it so that it is not at all bothered to focus upon such crucial issues? These all issues are expected to be addressed to the public by a transparent and accountable government.

And the most ironical thing which I want to mention here is that our Honourable Chief Minister hails from South Sikkim. Under his governance his machinery has built so many tourists places like Samdruptse, Char Dham and the like. But as an aggrieved citizen of Sikkim representing the voice of every Sikkimese people, we want to say that we can survive in a society where there is no pilgrimage or places to visit during our leisure time. We need a crime-free and corruption-free society, where every citizen would live a fearless and dignified life. Basic requirements of life should be guaranteed first then only we can rise to the level of spiritual consciousness.

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