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NBS TIMES EXCLUSIVE:Team of seven makes vehicle from thrown out parts of scooter and bicycles

Sunday, 10 March 20130 comments

Team of seven makes vehicle from thrown out parts of scooter and bicycles
“TAMSING” displayed at the school Museum

Rajesh Sharma
Jaigaon March 10: How many of you all would have hit the like button in social networking sites for this? Sample this!!!!!

A 17 year old class X standard boy 

with help from his friends in a rare kind of effort has made a four-wheeler vehicle out from thrown parts of a scoter and bicycle and displayed the same at their school exhibition. Munna Prasad Gupta, the student and son of a cloth merchant in this border town, on whose brain the vehicle has been made says that the name of the vehicle has been coded as ‘Tamsing’.

“The name of the vehicle is Tamsing and the name has been kept after consultation with my friends,” Prasad Told NBS Times today. Prasad was helped by his friends Tanushree Shah, Nishid Shah, Md. Imran, Ananya Dutta, Shivani Prasad and Ujara Oraon. “We the team of seven worked continuously for around 15 days to make the vehicle. The financial crises did hit us at times but my co-operative friends also helped me with the funds,” says Prasad adding that it was dream come true moment when the vehicle moved for the first time.

The students spent Rs. 12000 from their pocket moneys to make the vehicle. “We have used the thrown out parts of a scooter, bicycle and a pulling cart van to make the vehicle. All however had to be bought from Kabadiwalas” said Prasad.

The students used the wheels of the scooter as a front wheel of the vehicle and the wheels of the pulling cart van as the back wheels. The four seater vehicle has brakes, clutch and accelerator similar to the other vehicles and runs with a petrol. “The chain of a bicycle and the barring of the scooter have been plugged with each other to make the steering,” said one of the students. All the students belong to SHMD School in Jaigaon run by a trustee.

Prasad said that he had the urge to make such things from his childhood. Earlier, the school authorities said that Prasad had generated electricity from a Gobar gas plant and also a toy car for display in the exhibition.

Back to Prasad, he added that before making the vehicle he had conceptualized everything in his mind. “We started working at a small room at my house. I later took the help of wielders for wielding works and took it to the garages,” he said.

The vehicle that hit the roads after the exhibition however is now at the house of the Prasad locked in a room.  

All Pictures by Rajesh Sharma.

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