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View Point: Janga Bahadur Sunuwar

Wednesday, 6 March 20130 comments

Pachyderm Wooes

Janga Bahadur Sunuwar

 M.E.S, Bagrakote
 P.O: Bagrakote
 Dist: Jalpaiguri: 734501(West Bengal)

The pachyderm in North Bengal continues to be a part of constant negligence from both the railway and the forest departments. The sad news of an adult tusker was mowed down by the Samparkkranti Express at Damanpur under the Buxa Tiger Reserve is yet another shameful incident which have transpired in the morning time due to the gross negligence of the errant railway driver. It has been proved by this incident that the incompetent the railway and the forest officials have done absolutely nothing to prevent the accidents on the railway track and hence mere pretension to understand the gravity of the matter regarding elephant’s safety comes only after the accident is taken place. It is preposterous that both the concerned departments are sitting on this grave matter to eternity even after the death of scores of elephants owing to the speed of the trains in the last few years. Unfortunately the already extinct animal is being knocked down time and again by killer trains in Dooars and Buxa Tiger Reserve which are considered to be its own safe habitats and quite often has to face the wrath of the villagers when enters into the human civilization in search of fodder. If effective measure are implemented by the railway on time then they do not have bear the brunt of the problem every time. It is imperative that the railway drivers should realize and be given a proper knowledge about the value of this precious animal and strictly follow the norms regarding the train speed which is the genesis of the main problem.Moreover, the forest officials can’t always shift the blame on the railway department because the main onus lies on them to protect the elephants in all respect. It is ironical that there are no watchtowers installed by the forest department alongside the railway track to keep a vigil on elephants crossing the railway lines as it has been promised earlier. In a way both of them have duped the wildlife enthusiasts to stop the butchery of elephant by the trains with temporary empty promises. The diversion of train route is not going to resolve the crux of the conflicting matter unless serious action is not taken to save this animal by both the parties than lock horns in each other. The irresponsible and errant driver must be punished so that it could not be repeated. It is appalling that the movements of trains which have increased in Dooars are posing a constant threat to the elephants and the state government and centre are least bothered to take a look at the Armageddon of elephant.
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